Dog’s Shouldn’t Eat Vegetables!

Well, This is what i keep seeing on many " Raw Feeding" Social Media Groups online, there are so many dog owners out there that will fight tooth and nail for their opinion that dogs are Obligate Carnivores, but that would be incorrect, if that was the case a LARGE chunk of the "Pet Food … Continue reading Dog’s Shouldn’t Eat Vegetables!

To Balance or Not To Balance… Old Blog

So recently I bet everyone's been seeing the Raw Feeding World going absolutely crazy over "Balancing" and the NRC guidelines (National Research Council- Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats) Now let me define the word "Balance" in this context as it's often used freely and open to interpretation. To Balance- To feed a Nutritionally Optimal … Continue reading To Balance or Not To Balance… Old Blog

Can Dry Foods Make Dogs Aggressive?

Bailey Pictured before his Transition to Raw Does this Title sound bizarre?If so, GOOD! It's meant too!Many people spread the Myth that Raw Meat (The Taste of Blood) will make dogs aggressive and make them want more etc, as if they're Edward Cullen!The TruthIf you ate nothing but digestive biscuits all your life and then … Continue reading Can Dry Foods Make Dogs Aggressive?

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier AKA The “Nanny Dog”

Now i'm pretty sure we have all heard this term for the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and unfortunately some even use it.Why is it unfortunate you ask?Well firstly, it's not correct, The breed is most definitely not a "Nanny Dog" The domesticated lineage of the breed maybe typically gentle and a fantastic companion to have as … Continue reading The Staffordshire Bull Terrier AKA The “Nanny Dog”

Them Bones, Them Bones, Them Raw Meaty Bones.

Heard the expression, Give a dog a bone?Well it's not as easy is that, or is it?May people in the UK now are buying Baked/Roasted Weight Bearing Bones for their dogs, now they and their dogs are in there element with this "flavorsome" bone but yet don't know the danger in which it brings, These … Continue reading Them Bones, Them Bones, Them Raw Meaty Bones.

Blood Suckers Don’t Like Garlic!

Garlic is notoriously known to be Toxic to our Canine Companions but this is awfully inaccurate, Garlic would only become Toxic if the Dog consumed in excess of 1 Clove per Kg of Body-weight in one go as it's non-accumulative. To be fed daily, this is enough to act as a Flea repellent/Immunity Booster! Weight … Continue reading Blood Suckers Don’t Like Garlic!

What to add to a Dry/Wet Food Diet.

These are just some examples of what you can add to your dogs dry foods to make all the additional Nutritional needs that dry foods don't...All vegetables should be lightly steamed and liquidised or finely chopped before feeding (don't feed fruits or vegetables to dogs with yeast issues)Orange or Yellow Bell Peppers: Can reduce the … Continue reading What to add to a Dry/Wet Food Diet.

Cons of Pre-Made “Complete” Raw Meals (80/10/10)

At first I thought the complete Minces were a great idea for people who want to raw feed but aren't confident with numbers or comfortable handling raw meats.I have been seeing various negative feedback on manufacturer websites (so it's not brand specific, although some are allot better than others)Here's a couple of examples of common … Continue reading Cons of Pre-Made “Complete” Raw Meals (80/10/10)

Pica Syndrome in Dogs

Do your dogs eat things they shouldn't? For example your brand new shoes? Belts? Bags?Many dogs we know are destructive when they aren't stimulated to their needs either mentally or physically so they will try and stimulate themselves when they're bored, HOWEVER destroying inanimate objects then eating them is an entirely different concept!Your dog may … Continue reading Pica Syndrome in Dogs

Why to AVOID the Butchers “Pet Mince”.

As many are aware, especially in the UK the local butcher usually offers a "Pet Mince" for around 70p per Lb.Why would I suggest avoiding this?This is purely because the "Pet Mince" is usually the butchers weekly unsell-able off cuts/wastage. Not only will these Minces differ every time you get them in respect of Meat, … Continue reading Why to AVOID the Butchers “Pet Mince”.