What The “Vegan Hell” is going on? (Old Blog)

All I’m seeing lately is Vegan this, Vegan that when it comes to dog and cat food…. What the ?? This is crazy right??

Now I’ve been thinking (you all know how dangerous this is 😝) what if the “Powers” of influence IE the Pet Food Industry and Big Pharma have been told (by governments etc) to find ways to feed our beloved carnivorous domesticated pets with as little to zero animal protein as possible to help reduce consumption? No I’m only joking it’s clearly corporate greed!!

We all know dry foods are mainly non animal proteins and unnecessary fillers these days, so going completely vegan doesn’t seem that impossible in respect of the NRC/DEFRA/AFCCO guidelines for survival. (not that I’d ever agree with it, especially for a cat)

I know there was a dog in the UK called Bramble who lived until the grand age of 28 on a Vegan diet , but other things would of effected this like genetics, vaccinations , chemical treatments , exercise, environment, stress etc.. but even still this makes me think if a dog can live a long life on a completely bizarre “Non-Species Appropriate” diet , then how has the pet food industry and big pharma managed to reduce the average lifespan from 17 to 11?

How does this not ring alarm bells for the generic dog owner (like me) … Please do your research, read labels especially if your a breeder! As the nutrition you give the bitch is passed on from pup to their future pup and so forth.

The power is in our hands to increase longevity!

Let’s do this!!



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