Has your dog been prescribed Antibiotic’s?

Now many of us dog owners have previously been to the vets because our canine companions have developed an ailment or some form, (even minor)

Now I’ve noticed Antibiotics are prescribed allot for even the minor ailments like a slight ear infection etc, what I have also noticed and experienced is that the Conventional Vet doesn’t mention anything about restoring the gut flora after the course of antibiotics or even give advice on how to support the gut while on the medication? (I’d be interested to find out how many others have experienced this, if you have then please share this)

Antibiotics do have their place in certain scenarios where time is of the essence and the dogs immediate welfare trumps all, however they can all have their own side effects from minor to severe (patient dependent )

Now back to the initial point of the blog piece, I want to talk about PROBIOTICS!

**Probiotics are microorganisms that are claimed to provide health benefits when consumed** (I’m sure we’ve all seen the Yakult adverts)

Antibiotics suppress the gut flora while fighting the bad guys therefor it’s essential to send in reinforcements (Good Bacteria) to help keep the gut strong and able to do what it needs to in order for the body to function and fight infections.

How do we send in these “Reinforcements” ? Well It’s all about the diet, there’s so many ways to give these essential bacteria’s in a cost effective way here’s a few that are commonly used for our canine companions:

  1. Sauerkraut (Fermented Veggies)
  2. Kefir
  3. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
  4. Natural Probiotic Yogurt (Bio/Live set )

If your unsure on how much to give them, contact me.

Now all these are great and a natural way of healing the body , providing these to the diet while your dogs on a course of Antibiotics will do them the world of good and also potentially reduce the risk of side effects.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional just a canine fanatic and nutrition enthusiast. Please do your own research on the back of what you read here or contact us for more info.

Nerd Version: Antibiotics reduce the levels of Cytokines which support the immune system, Probiotics can improve the integrity of the Epithelial Cells which support the immune system response through a secondary mechanism.

Michael K A Bennett

Canine+Nutrition and Welfare Fanatic

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