Cons of Pre-Made “Complete” Raw Meals (80/10/10)

At first I thought the complete Minces were a great idea for people who want to raw feed but aren’t confident with numbers or comfortable handling raw meats.

I have been seeing various negative feedback on manufacturer websites (so it’s not brand specific, although some are allot better than others)

Here’s a couple of examples of common issues people are having;

  1. Smelly/Discoloured meats once defrosted.
  2. Bits of plastic within the product (I’ve seen this to and even held a lighter to it to make sure it was plastic) .
  3. Inconsistent stools regardless of feeding same product for a week (ratios mustn’t be consistent in each batch *80/10/10* ).
  4. Chalky Stools (Although this isn’t an issue, According to Dr Ian Billinghurst).
  5. Unknown quality of meats.
  6. Undisclosed origin of meats used.
  7. To many vegetables.
  8. Leaky/Exploding Packaging.

Now all these above are going to be issues , you can’t please all dogs and all people when your creating a product.

There’s only a couple of brands I’ve found (won’t mention) that uses high quality meats in their products and doesn’t use any vegetation to bulk up the product to save money. (80% Muscle Meat *25% being Heart* , 10% Bone and 10% Offal – UK Sourced and Produced) Heart is included in all products as they hit the Taurine Requirements for Cats too (which is why it’s listed separately to muscle meat), so they are canine and feline friendly! (Should you wish to know the brands, please message me as I don’t wish to publicly advertise)

I’m also not naive to follow the opinion that dogs that eat a raw diet don’t need supplements, whether that’s through vegetables or formulated wholefood supplements as that’s absolutely inaccurate, not every dog is the same and some need an added “Oomph” in certain areas (vitamin requirements etc) So to have that closed mindset can put your dog at risk of being nutritionally depleted.

***Should you wish to know more about feeding on a cellular level ,please click HERE***

Michael K A Bennett

Canine+ Nutrition and Welfare Fanatic

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