Pica Syndrome in Dogs

Do your dogs eat things they shouldn’t? For example your brand new shoes? Belts? Bags?

Many dogs we know are destructive when they aren’t stimulated to their needs either mentally or physically so they will try and stimulate themselves when they’re bored, HOWEVER destroying inanimate objects then eating them is an entirely different concept!

Your dog may have Pica Syndrome, like many humans who develop a weird craving for bizarre things like plastic, cardboard , brick etc..

If you dog eats poop of any kind, check this article out.. https://thebark.com/content/why-dogs-eat-poop .

If you notice your dog acting in such a way by all means consult your Veterinarian as it could be something much more serious behind it and causing the cravings for such inedible “Foods”.

Many even argue that when dogs are eating things they shouldn’t , they maybe trying to gain something they are nutritionally lacking in their given diet, which I can believe to an extent as they are great at natural selection (Caninepharmacogosy/Zoopharmacogosy)

Should you wish to learn more about CANINEPHARMACOGOCY by all means please contact Canine Wellness Practicioners such as:

Dr Isla Fishburn : https://www.kachinacaninecommunication.co.uk /

Luca Dray: https://www.natural-practice.co.uk /

***Note: Those mentioned are a recommendation by myself and have no affiliation/ link with myself via my blog.***

Should your dog have this Behavior, learning Canine First Aid should be your first point of call so your ready. should they begin to choke on anything.

If your in the UK I would recommend contacting Rachel Bean RVN MCFBA, who runs Canine First Aid workshops across the UK.


Michael K A Bennett

Canine+ Nutrition and Welfare Fanatic

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