Why to AVOID the Butchers “Pet Mince”.

As many are aware, especially in the UK the local butcher usually offers a “Pet Mince” for around 70p per Lb.

Why would I suggest avoiding this?

This is purely because the “Pet Mince” is usually the butchers weekly unsell-able off cuts/wastage. Not only will these Minces differ every time you get them in respect of Meat, Offal and Bone content, they will be completely unbalanced and contain little to Zero bone, if you plan on feeding this solely to your pets, the likely-hood of them being nutritionally inadequate is extremely high!

You will also notice that more often than not, they are quite high in offal as that’s usually what a butcher will have the most of in waste but this then leads to a liquid backside! (Chocolate milkshake looking stools or thick/sticky black treacle!)

The only time I would consider feeding these mince’s is IF you do feed a “Complete” dry food diet and these mince’s are just a way of improving the over all health in respect of fresh foods being added but please avoid the darker red/purple shades of these Minces (Big clue they are high in offal) and still feed with caution.

Over all reasons to avoid:

  1. Too High In Offal
  2. Unknown Meat / Offal Ratios
  3. Unknown Proteins/Protein Quality
  4. Unknown Fat Content
  5. Unknown Bone Content (If any)
  6. Your Butcher Isn’t Licensed by DEFRA to Sell “Pet Mince” (all pet foods must be approved by “DEFRA” )

Your dogs diet is at your control, your dog needs a nutritionally balanced diet over time and feeding these will remove your control to do so.

If you don’t know how to create a home based meal. Please click HERE

Michael K A Bennett

Canine+ Nutrition and Welfare Fanatic

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