Blood Suckers Don’t Like Garlic!

Garlic is notoriously known to be Toxic to our Canine Companions but this is awfully inaccurate, Garlic would only become Toxic if the Dog consumed in excess of 1 Clove per Kg of Body-weight in one go as it’s non-accumulative.

To be fed daily, this is enough to act as a Flea repellent/Immunity Booster!

Weight to Clove Ratios:

10 to 15 pounds(4Kg to 7Kg) – half a clove
20 to 40 pounds (8Kg to 18Kg) – 1 clove
45 to 70 pounds (20Kg to 32Kg) – 2 cloves
75 to 90 pounds (34Kg to 40Kg) – 2 and a half cloves
100 pounds (45kg) and over – 3 cloves

Slice. Dice, Crush , Grate, Smash, How ever you like and leave for 10 minutes as this activates the anti-parasitic compound allicin, before giving to your dog, you may have to mix in with their food if you giving this for a medicinal purpose, if your giving for a nutritional purpose, let them self select it.

No puppies under 6 Months should be given garlic unless you want to give them Anemia!

Should you notice any of the following after your dog has consumed allot of Garlic, then contact your Local Vet ASAP.

  • Drooling
  • Nausea
  • Oral irritation
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Abdominal pain
  • Elevated heart rate and respiratory rate
  • Weakness
  • Exercise intolerance
  • Collapse
  • Pale gums

After speaking with my Fellow Canine Blogger, Holly Moses of Starbarks, she has kindly pointed out that Japanese Breeds such as the Akita. Shiba Inu, Tosa etc.. have a genetic flaw in their red blood cells and are more sensitive to Garlic Toxicity. Of course, i researched off the back of this and found a study to back it up.

Although arguably, the study is heavily flawed and inconclusive but it’s great guidance to avoid “just encase” .

Michael K A Bennett– BCCSDip.HthNut MCMA

Canine+ Nutrition and Welfare Fanatic

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