Them Bones, Them Bones, Them Raw Meaty Bones.

Heard the expression, Give a dog a bone?

Well it’s not as easy is that, or is it?

May people in the UK now are buying Baked/Roasted Weight Bearing Bones for their dogs, now they and their dogs are in there element with this “flavorsome” bone but yet don’t know the danger in which it brings, These bones are ridiculously dangerous because they’re far to brittle, They break off into pieces, small enough to swallow but are also sharp enough to pierce the stomach lining, get stuck in the throat or cause intestinal blockages, Just because they’re on a Pet Food Isle, it doesn’t automatically mean they’re safe.

The safest ways to “Give a Dog a Bone” is to give them Raw Meaty Bones such as Chicken Thighs, Drumsticks, Necks, Ribs etc.. NEVER scrap bones from human food wastage (Salt n Pepper Ribs for example) Bare bones/Cooked bones pose the higher risks of splintering.

Here’s a couple of examples of bones, You’ll notice not all bones are meant for feeding such as “Knuckle Bones” these a specifically for “Recreational” purposes (Exercise the jaw, Clean Teeth and Mental Stimulation) Bone is meant to be 10-20% of the diet (to hit calcium requirements, breed/weight of dog being the controlling factor) If you gave them such a large bone for them to eat in one go, it runs the risk of causing a blockage.

If you feed a “Complete” Dry Food diet, I would most definitely avoid bones as their calcium is in their formulated food, Giving extra can unbalance it and can cause a further issues as the stomach Ph is around Ph3/4 due to the Starch in the dry foods lower the stomachs Ph level from an optimum Ph1/2. This can cause issues digesting bone and bacteria.

Michael K A Bennett

Canine Nutrition and Welfare Fanatic

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