The Staffordshire Bull Terrier AKA The “Nanny Dog”

Now i’m pretty sure we have all heard this term for the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and unfortunately some even use it.

Why is it unfortunate you ask?

Well firstly, it’s not correct, The breed is most definitely not a “Nanny Dog” The domesticated lineage of the breed maybe typically gentle and a fantastic companion to have as they are such characters, I own one, well a Mongrel of, I mean every day is a buzz and unique with him, really vocal and hilarious with his daily “Routines” especially if he doesn’t get fed at his required time (I’m sure he knows how to read Roman Numerals) or if he’s cold and nose dives under the quilt to hide so he can stay upstairs instead of going for a walk, I swear it’s like living with Norris Cole at times. (Coronation Street Character)

It’s easy to understand how they get such a “Nickname” but it’s really dangerous because you cannot treat them all the same, some are simply not wired correctly! The breed was created to fight, fight bulls, bears and other larger animals but when that was made illegal, the dog “Trainers” turned the dogs on each other, so a common trait you’ll find in them these days is Dog Aggression. They were typically bred using aggression and agility as the focus traits. Would you trust the “Fighting Lineage” around your kids? I’m guessing not!

This is why further up, i used the term “Domesticated Lineage” which simply means they have been bred with the intention of being raised as a pet for companionship. Unfortunately they’re many back yard breeders that don’t breed for their temperament, They breed for Aesthetics and Money which can cause ALLOT of issues for the breed such as Aggression and would take a professional handler to keep then and everyone around safe, or some are simply euthanised because “They’re a lost cause” and cannot be rehabilitated into a loving companion.

This is why i panic when i see photos of babies and children climbing over this beloved breed, The only reason i panic is because the SBT has one wicked mean bite (Around 235 PSI) which is more than capable of snapping a toddlers arm/leg, This is where temperament is paramount in your dog, if you don’t know your dogs lineage, you cannot be to careful as you don’t know how they were bred or where from!

Some SBT’s will let you climb over them all day long and tolerate it (It doesn’t make it right, it should never happen regardless of breed or temperament) and some will become aggressive even if you look at them the wrong way!

Please be aware of the breed and the traits they were bred specifically for, GAME!

Note: Simba is not a Pure Bred Stafordshire Bull Terrier, I refer to him as a Mongrel, the terms “Domesticated Lineage and Fighting Lineage” are just my labels to differentiate to get a point across.

Michael K A Bennett

Canine+ Nutrition and Welfare Fanatic

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