Can Dry Foods Make Dogs Aggressive?

Bailey Pictured before his Transition to Raw

Does this Title sound bizarre?

If so, GOOD! It’s meant too!

Many people spread the Myth that Raw Meat (The Taste of Blood) will make dogs aggressive and make them want more etc, as if they’re Edward Cullen!

The Truth

If you ate nothing but digestive biscuits all your life and then someone gave you a steak, you will value that steak and guard it with your life! Dogs do the same, it’s called “Resource Guarding”.

Some new raw feeders will experience this and say “They have never growled at me before, I won’t feed raw again” which I can understand as it’s a sense of fear and avoidance but the key is to stick with it!

Once they realise this high value food source is coming daily, their need to “Resource Guard” lowers over time.

I can now physically remove raw meats from my dog’s mouths and it doesn’t phase them (Disclaimer: Don’t try this yourself)

Always give a dog space when eating, especially when transitioning onto a raw diet as they will defend it. 100% keep children away from dogs where they’re eating!

What is Better, Raw or Dry?

Now this isn’t a case of right or wrong, there are some great Dry Foods out there (although all share the same flaws) and there are some shocking “Pre-Made Raw Brands” too, But when it comes to feeding your pets, fresh food is far superior.

Can you mix Fresh Food with Dry Foods?

Of course you can! In fact i’d recommend you do at the very minimum if your not in a position to feed fresh foods 100% of the time. If you want to know what foods you can add in to improve their nutrition all around then please click here and subscribe.

Thanks for reading!

Michael K A Bennett

Canine+ Nutrition and Welfare Fanatic

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