Titre Tests….What’s to know?

As many of you will be aware i was a great advocate of Titre Testing, especially the VacciCheck in way to avoid unnecessary boosters that seem to be pushed annually by large chain Veterinary clinics.

I speak of my view in the past tense because it has changed, only today after speaking with “Hope Turner of Healthful Dog! (The below is my “Dumbed Down” version for like minded readers who have to google big words too, Hope often gives me the “Dumbed Down” version to save my little boulder head from exploding, It’s actually quite funny and i do put some toll on her by my numerous questions *Insert Eye Roll*)

My reason behind this change of view or due to the following;

Titres are blood tests in way of testing for the level of antibodies, in which to my own STUPIDITY and lack of SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH i presumed were always in the Blood!! Well I WAS WRONG!! (Not very often i’ll eat humble pie, so save this 😉 )

The Antibodies only show if your pet has had a recent exposure to a disease (Parvo for example). Once immune, the “memory” of the disease and the Antibodies to fight that disease are stored in the Lymphatic System (Not the Blood) so when the body is exposed to the disease it knows which Antibodies to release into the blood to fight it (Like picking between the Army,RAF or Navy in order to get the job done). This is why they are present POST vaccination (2 Weeks) and you’ll get a positive immunity response as the Vaccine exposes them to the disease with live or dead strains of the disease in order to get an Antibody response, which can even cause symptoms of the disease your vaccinating against.

Now understanding this, if your dog isn’t exposed to the disease a Titre Test will show ZERO Antibodies therefore read as “Non-Immune” and suggest a Booster which some Vets take advantage of, Who are you to argue with a Vet right?

Therefore a Titre Test can not only a waste of money (unless recently exposed to the disease) but they can go against you if your trying to avoid boosters.

Titre Tests are Ok to see if the dog has developed the Antibodies 2 weeks POST vaccination/Booster/Nosodes , this was even common practice back in the 1960’s but the industry has lost its way (Paraphrasing from Dr Ronald Schultz) Your dogs CORE vaccinations are good for a minimum of 3 years up to a Life time, So to re-vaccinate your dogs in way of boosters annually is unethical and biologically detrimental as you wont get a secondary immunity response due to interference from the Antibodies from the initial Vaccination/ Natural Exposure.

The only true way to determine immunity is for natural “Wild” exposure.

Happy Reading, Remember share what you see/ like!!

Michael K A Bennett

Canine+ Nutrition and Welfare Fanatic

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