Raw Fed Dogs Can’t Have Antibiotics!!

Sound the Alarm!!

I’ve just seen this ridiculous comment on a social media group that has allegedly come from their VET!

Now i couldn’t believe this, nor ever heard of it in the past, So i did some basic digging and found an article/review of a study on the Liverpool University website: https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/infection-and-global-health/research/pet-health/raw-pet-food/

Now on this THING, Dr Vanessa M Schmidt (BVSc (Hons) PhD CertVD DipECVD MRCVS) and Professor Nicola J Williams (BSc (hons) PhD) state the following; (Snippet from the above link and My Opinions thrown in)

” In total 190 dogs were recruited for this study, 114 on raw and 76 on cooked fed diets (Immediately flawed as numbers aren’t even).  It was found that dogs fed diets containing raw-meat were more likely to carry Salmonella species and antibiotic resistant E. coli compared to the control group (cooked diets), including E. coli resistant to multiple types of antibiotics, including those critically important to human health, such as the 3rd generation cephalosporins (31% of dogs on raw diets compared to 4% of dogs on cooked meat diets). “

Conflict of Interest; Neither Vanessa Schmidt or Nicola Williams have received any funding from commercial food companies for this or other work. (But they could of received this from somewhere else, with a conflict of interest like Big Pharma)

*Study carried out in 2015/16. Findings presented at BSAVA 2016 conference and in the process of publication.   “

What they FAIL to mention is that Non Pathogenic E.Coli lives in all of us, This E.Coli is very important to us maintaining a healthy gut and we should nourish it with Probiotics/ Prebiotics / Synbiotics , This E.Coli is also resistant to Antibiotics (It’s why they don’t always work) The whole study is relating to digested Pathogenic E.Coli contaminated meats which usually happens at slaughter or an Animal Eating another animals Faeces .( E.coli O157:H7 is the most common bad guy, Just one type of the E.coli family )

Now is it just Raw Meat that can carry this contamination risk? No it bloody isn’t!

Here’s a basic list:

  1. Faeces
  2. Raw Dairy
  3. Raw Meats/Offal’s
  4. Contaminated Cooked Meats

So for a Vet to refuse Antibiotics to Raw Fed Dogs just on the off chance the E.Coli makes it fail when the same risks apply cooked diets and dog walking? As It would even apply to all dogs that have eaten Farmland Manure, Come on, we have all seen a dog chow down on dung at some point!

Also a Raw Fed Dog (with Zero Starch in the Diet) has the stomach acidity of pH 1/2 which can kill digested bacteria such as E.Coli and Salmonella in 15 Mins, It the dog does have Starch in their diet, such bacteria’s could cause an issue as the pH of their Stomach Acidity has been documented to reach pH3/4 which could cause those strains to fester and cause internal bacterial infections.

If your vet refuses your dogs Antibiotics due to a Raw Diet, Stand Up, Walk out, In fact Run, Run for the Hills (No not Science Plan 😉 ) and Find at Vet here : https://www.bahvs.com/find-a-vet-2/

Michael K A Bennett

Canine+ Nutrition & Welfare Fanatic

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