The Common Courtesy – It’s Ok My Dog Is Friendly!

How annoying is this phrase? After a clearly uncontrolled dog bolts towards yours especially when yours is on a lead!The amount of times I've seen leashed dogs react negativly when approached by a frantic off lead dog is unreal! Take our Simba for example, if another dog did this with him there would be a … Continue reading The Common Courtesy – It’s Ok My Dog Is Friendly!

Calories/Macro Nutrients Recommendations …. (NRC)

Now in accordance to the NRC (National Research Council) Dogs have a calorific requirement of 130Kcal per X Kg of BW (Bodyweight). *The 130Kcal is based on a typical adult pet dog to maintain their weight with 1-3 hours exercise, other factors WILL alter this Kcal figure*So for example an adult dog weighing 10kg would … Continue reading Calories/Macro Nutrients Recommendations …. (NRC)