The Common Courtesy – It’s Ok My Dog Is Friendly!

How annoying is this phrase? After a clearly uncontrolled dog bolts towards yours especially when yours is on a lead!

The amount of times I’ve seen leashed dogs react negativly when approached by a frantic off lead dog is unreal! Take our Simba for example, if another dog did this with him there would be a fight 100% unless it’s a small and fluffy dog. (He adores them regardless of the cicumstances)

People need to realise just because their dog is friendly, it doesn’t mean another dog is, if a dog was being “resocialised” to stop lead reactivity or dog aggression and this happens, then this would put the trainer and the dog back to square one….

Remember if you see another dog, put yours on a lead, if your dog hasn’t had recall training don’t unleash them at all unless in a secure contained area!

Following this would save allot of trauma for everyone!

Michael K A Bennett

Canine+ Nutrition and Welfare Fanatic.

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