80/10/10- Whats to know? (Old Blog)

Now every Fresh Food Feeder/Raw Food Feeder has heard of this "Golden Ratio" that is meant to mimic Whole Prey. (80% Muscle Meat, 10% Bone and 10% Organ) This seems like a great idea right? So if a Dog caught a rabbit and ate it, that's roughly the break down it would consume, As nature … Continue reading 80/10/10- Whats to know? (Old Blog)

How to Feed Fresh Foods-In a Thrifty way!

How to Feed Fresh FoodsIn a Thrifty way! So many get put off the idea of feeding Fresh Foods because of the price, they even have a mild heart attack if you suggest buying ORGANIC Fresh Foods, but it doesn’t have to break the bank!Here is some tips that can help keep your costs down, … Continue reading How to Feed Fresh Foods-In a Thrifty way!