How to Feed Fresh Foods-In a Thrifty way!

How to Feed Fresh Foods

In a Thrifty way!

So many get put off the idea of feeding Fresh Foods because of the price, they even have a mild heart attack if you suggest buying ORGANIC Fresh Foods, but it doesn’t have to break the bank!

Here is some tips that can help keep your costs down, by all means all won’t be possible but even some can help.

  1. Invest in a second freezer (Double Chest if possible, rather have to much room than not enough)
  2. Buy in bulk (Most places to discounts on bulk buying, hence the additional freezer 😉 )
  3. Ask your local supermarket what time they usually reduce their meats/fish/vegetables, This will enable you to pounce at the right time and grab some bargains. (ALL supermarkets/Grocery)
  4. Befriend your local raw pet food supplier, they may give you first refusal on stock clearances
  5. Check out your local abattoirs, some sell to the public!
  6. Check out your local butcher, they often have free bones and cheap offals, they can also advise you on the cheapest cuts with the best quality , Don’t buy their pet mince, unless using to dehydrate for treats, Check
  7. Find local hunters to source whole prey such as Rabbit, Pheasant, Partridge etc (Ethically)
  8. Don’t be afraid to shop elsewhere if your stockists prices rise, yes they’ll appreciate the loyalty but it doesn’t help you!

These are 8 steps which you can take to bring your costs down!

I really hope some of these are possible, if feeding 100% fresh foods is out of your budget, talk to me and we can look down other avenues to keep you and your pets happy.


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