80/10/10- Whats to know? (Old Blog)

Now every Fresh Food Feeder/Raw Food Feeder has heard of this “Golden Ratio” that is meant to mimic Whole Prey. (80% Muscle Meat, 10% Bone and 10% Organ) This seems like a great idea right? So if a Dog caught a rabbit and ate it, that’s roughly the break down it would consume, As nature intended, Simple!

Now where this gets tricky, is it good for all life stages? Sex, Weight, even Breeds (Just to name a few mitigating factors)

My answer would be NO, It’s definitely not suited for all. In accordance to the NRC (National Research Council) Dogs have different nutritional needs (Macros) throughout their life, Puppy, Junior, Adult, Senior and Gestation/Lactation (Bitches) so why Is this ratio still implemented from start to finish? Nutritional deficiencies will occur and cause minor to severe issues long term!

Even on a Kcal basis, the 80/10/10 ratio will often leave your dog in a calorific deficit, if you follow Daily Body Weight % Feeding, Not only is it deficient in energy but it’s also nutrient deficient, unless you fed varied proteins and even then you’d have to supplement with fruits/vegetables along side OR actual supplements.

The 80/10/10 ratio is just a GUIDELINE, a FOUNDATION to tweak to fit YOUR dogs needs, for some reason it’s become lost in translation and its become a golden compulsory ratio, It’s most definitely not OK for Kittens, Cats, Kits and Ferrets, again it’s meant to be tweaked but the FOUNDATION should be closer to 85/7/4/4, strictly no fruits/vegetables, as they are obligate carnivores, you MUST include Taurine(Hearts easiest).

It doesn’t help now commercialised pet food companies have started creating these 80/10/10 pre-ground meals and labeling them as “Complete”, but please note: These are not Nutritionally complete and must be fed as part of a varied and balanced diet.


Michael K A Bennett- BCCSDIP.HthNut

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