The Cut Throat Industry of Canine Nutrition!

Grim Title?

As grim as it may be, it is also very true!

Everyone who know’s me, know i have my own methods, which i back up with science, but there are other advocates and professionals of canine nutrition that have different methods, do i slam them or their work down? No! I don’t the reason being is that we are all on the same team, wanting the same things, you can walk a different path to the same destination, there no wrongfulness in alternative approaches to canine nutrition, it’s not a one size for all topic!

Unfortunately some don’t share my same ethos, they do discredit professional’s in a malicious way to gain a higher following for themselves, this is morally wrong on ever level i’m sure you’ll all agree. So if you see a “Professional” acting in a “Non-Professional” manner, avoid them as their only motive is numbers and money, this mentality often creates ill advice as they don’t often care about the welfare of your pets, just emptying your pockets of your hard earned money! We’ve all seen this happen on social media platforms, and no doubt i myself have been slated, but i don’t care, i’m humble!

The bus doesn’t just stop with “Nutritionists” , the spitefulness effects Stockists and Manufactures too, there is individuals out there trolling companies with bad reviews (Some are deserved but that’s another matter) For example a “Competing” local stockist may call people like the “Trading Standards” etc making false allegations to “Get Rid” of their competition, because they can’t share the piece of the pie! This happens with Manufacturers to, although this gets sticky, as sometimes reports aren’t malicious they’re genuine because of shoddy manufacturing and inadequate products on a nutritional basis, or inaccurate labeling, things like this should be reported. Anyway, Malicious and false reports of the above can make Defra Suspend someones licence, this causes financial loss and can even break a company in to liquidation and therefore, job succeeded, competition eradicated.

The fresh food industry should be an Choir Network, singing in perfect harmony, sharing experiences etc and how we can move forward for the greater good, after all we all have the same goals and fighting the same battles, we shouldn’t be fighting with each other over “Methods” being taught to followers, I mean if my methods don’t work with a clients dog, i will refer them to another who’s approach may work, i’ll carefully select who i refer them to depending on their situation!

Now let’s talk Vets!

We all know how much Vets get slated in the Fresh Food world, because heaven behold they’re not an advocate of fresh foods and only recommend high formulated dry foods, This is because of the following;

  1. Vet’s aren’t trained much on Nutrition, Just requirements and Dry Foods that are tailored to life stages and medical conditions.
  2. Vet’s see the effects of fresh food diets being fed incorrectly, they have to pick up the pieces and in their eyes, its unavoidable if you feed their Dry Foods.
  3. Regardless of a Vets personal view, they have to portray a professional view and that’s usually restricted by policies and funding criteria, especially in large chains. The are duty bound to practice veterinary care in a specific way in order to keep their jobs.

So please don’t slate all Vets/Veterinary Professionals, By all means there are some Jobsworths but that’s in every industry, we have to take the rough with the smooth!

Now this is by no way affiliated with myself but it is most definitely going to help the chances of future Vets get one board with fresh foods! Jo-Anne Brechin has Kick Started a Documentary style movie “Bone to Pick” that shows the benefits of fresh foods, similar to Pet Fooled, but it doesn’t highlight the harms of the Pet Food Industry just the amazing benefits fresh foods can give, please check them out and donate the the cause if you can!!

Direct donation link:


Michael K A Bennett- BCCSDip.HthNut

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