Have you recently taken your dog off Metacam for what ever reason and wondering if you can do anything Nutritonally to ease pain?

Well the answer is Yes! Potentially!

Please read the following: Metacam works by inhibiting the cyclo-oxygenase II, this gives its therapeutic effects (anti-inflammatory for instance). Now that being said the most common way to get a similar effect with foods would be to feed fruits/vegetables/leaves/seeds that contain Phenolic Acid Properties, these also inhibit the cyclo-oxygenase II , therefore provide the same Therapeutic effect, how ever such organic antioxidant compounds like phenolic acid can have issues if fed long term, again it all falls down to balance 🙂

Blueberries and Olive Leaves would be my go to point.

I found a great olive leaf extract that can provide great benefits, it’s £50 for a two month supply *60 servings* Dog dependant(Body Mass), a Caucasian Shepherd for example could utilise the servings over a month. Now it’s important to use this as part of a balanced and Nutritonally Adequate diet.

Affiliated Product: Should you wish to purchase this, contact me directly.

It’s worth noting that pharmaceuticals give a more potent dose which is usually what causes side effects, but remedies the issue quicker. Homeopathic routes to take longer but it’s much safer long term.

It’s crucial to understand that the homeopathic route is a longer process as it allows the body to heal and replenish cells rather than supress the immune system, pharmaceuticals do have their place within the Veterinary world much needed in certain scenarios. Homeopathic routes aren’t always 100% effective, it’s why they are thought of as “being no better than a placebo” from certain medical officials/corporations.

Disclaimer: This article isn’t to replace Veterinary Advice nor to be seen as such! Please consult Veterinary Advice before you take your dogs off prescribed drugs such s metacam and discuss alternative options with them.


Michael K A Bennett-BCCSDip.HthNut

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