Pancreatitis- Carbs Vs Fats

The pancreas, what does it do?

Well in respect of dogs, the pancreas is involved in regulating blood sugar levels and secreting digestive enzymes to the small intestines to help break down nutrients such as starch and fats.

Now when the pancreas is overworked It can become inflamed, this is known as Pancreatitis, now there are many conflicting studies about the cause of this, but there seems to be a common denominator that high fat diets are the cause?

I don’t for one second believe this applies to all fats, I also don’t believe it is fat related , I think the fats are a secondary issue as when to comes to dogs,  dogs are facultative carnivores which means fats should be handled just fine, especially if you think of the ketogenic concept.   

So what’s going on? 
Well I’ll touch on something Dogs First mentioned a couple of weeks ago , and that was the simple fact that most dogs are on a high carbohydrate diet, dogs don’t produce buccal amylase in their saliva, therefore this adds stress onto the carnivorous pancreas as it’s being asked to process a much higher level of carbohydrates than it’s equipped to,  so it’s working it’s backside off to produce amylase, which itself can cause acute Pancreatitis.(inflammation)  

Pancreatitis: which can cause the digestive juices to leak in places they shouldn’t, which essentially causes the body to digest itself.

So now if you add in fats in combination with this high carbohydrate diet, then it’s going to add additional stress the pancreas as it also has to produce lipase to help utilise the fats …. Therefore it’s expected to stress the pancreas further which excels into Pancreatitis, but why are fats getting the blame, the high carbs are the proximate cause!

So if you remove the high carb diet and switch to zero/minimal appropriate carbs, your dogs should be able to handle fats just fine! ( Monounsaturated / Polyunsaturated ) then this should remove the risk of Pancreatitis while remaining species appropriate which is a critical factor to consider when feeding foods to help promote a healthy gut flora.

Remember carbs aren’t all bad, just avoid ones from things like grains, beets, pulses and legumes these will definitely increase Pancreatic stress.

#ThisIsGeneric #NotAimedForEveryDog #EveryDogsDifferent

Pancreatitis in Dogs Part 1 – Cause

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