The season of the Natural De-Wormer!

Pumpkin season!!!!! This season excites me as so many buy pumpkins to carve and display simply to keep the kids quiet let's be honest? Now as a natural remedy advocate this is the perfect time to take advantage! You know all the seeds that get put in the bin by these pumpkin carvers? Well tell … Continue reading The season of the Natural De-Wormer!

Presentation- Do pets give a Sh#T?

Now this one is one that is close to my heart as I'm not the most creative feeder, if I could get away with slop (pre-ground/self-ground minces) for eternity then I would! This is literally a typical meal that I'd feed (Varied Ingredients but same principle) Slop anyone? Now there's so many creative fresh food … Continue reading Presentation- Do pets give a Sh#T?

NRC/AAFCO/FEDIAF Nutritional Guidelines- Do they apply to fresh foods?

Now this is something that's currently getting allot of controversy recently between Nutritional/Veterinary Professionals. But what do I think? (Again my view, please do your research, this is basic to remove confusion, if you want an advanced answer please contact me) Do the guidelines apply to Fresh Foods? Nope they do not apply in respect … Continue reading NRC/AAFCO/FEDIAF Nutritional Guidelines- Do they apply to fresh foods?

Muzzles- Responsible or Cruel?

Disclaimer: I'm not a trainer/ or Behaviorist , this blog piece is based on my own opinion! If you hang around on social media, you'll see massive controversial and heated opinions on Muzzles so I thought I'd share my opinion 😉 Now there are many styles of muzzle and each have a different purpose/time of … Continue reading Muzzles- Responsible or Cruel?

Annual Boosters- Needed or Pointless?

First thing I'd like to clarify is that I am not a Veterinarian, Do not take anything you read on this blog in replacement of Veterinary Advice. What are Boosters? Boosters are a "Top Up" of a vaccine already administered, some core and some non-core depending on your individual circumstances. (Geographical Location Typically) Here's a … Continue reading Annual Boosters- Needed or Pointless?

Has your dog ever been on Apoquel?

What is Apoquel? Apoquel is a pharmaceutical drug that is often prescribed to help combat inflammation and itching (in result of an allergy). How does Apoquel Work? Apoquel works as is part of the Janus kinase inhibitors. Janus kinase (JAK) is a family of intracellular, nonreceptor tyrosine kinases that transduce cytokine-mediated signals via the JAK-STAT pathway. Cytokine signaling is an … Continue reading Has your dog ever been on Apoquel?