Presentation- Do pets give a Sh#T?

Now this one is one that is close to my heart as I’m not the most creative feeder, if I could get away with slop (pre-ground/self-ground minces) for eternity then I would!

This is literally a typical meal that I’d feed (Varied Ingredients but same principle)

Slop anyone?

Now there’s so many creative fresh food feeders out there take Jason Allen for example his meals are epic in respect of variety but he too grinds them down! 🙂 Here’s an example of his meals …

Check out his workshops here

Now you can leave the items whole like this, this also helps towards the good old “Self selection” as ground together the dog doesn’t have a choice of what they do or dont like within the combo. Feeding whole items will help you understand your dog allot better!

This also provides a much better “Eating Experience” which the delightful Emma Rutherford of the “The Natural Canine Kitchen” is very passionate about! This is said the be important for dogs, have you ever got in from work or settled after the kids are in bed and thought about your diner, supper etc like “Oh I don’t fancy that it’s a bit boring” Boring? Like are certain foods more entertaining? Well maybe not on a physical sense like they’re about to dance around your kitchen but they definitely have an emotional connection with your senses and many have the view that dogs have this same connection with foods!

Has your dog ever gone off their food for no apparent reason? If so then this could be why, they may just be bored…

It really does help to switch it up! But dogs that eat dry food don’t get bored? Do they? Well that all stems down to experience but I’ve found that dogs who eat a dry food diet tend to eat table scraps too and will show much more enthusiasm about them than their own meals and I know they beg for food when your eating! Unless trained not too of course!!

For now don’t get hung up on presentation, get the basics right in respect of nutritonal variety, work on your presentation at a later stage when your confidence has increased!

Check out Emma and Jason’s pages linked above 🤗

The featured image is about improving commercial pet food diets with fresh foods #TinnedMeats

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