The season of the Natural De-Wormer!

Pumpkin season!!!!!

This season excites me as so many buy pumpkins to carve and display simply to keep the kids quiet let’s be honest?

Now as a natural remedy advocate this is the perfect time to take advantage! You know all the seeds that get put in the bin by these pumpkin carvers? Well tell them you want them seeds! DON’T CHUCK THE SEEDS!

What’s so amazing about the seeds?

Well these beauties have a compound in them called “Curcurbitacin” this compound is a natural parasite preventative , worms specifically, the Curcurbitacin works by paralysis, it paralyzes the worm making them easier to expell!

This is your chance to get FREE parasite preventatives! Take full advantage!

My Method:

Well after I’ve raised the neighborhood bins for these seeds (not literally lol). I soak these seeks in boiling water until cooled , I then drain and smash up in a pestle&mortar (Coffee grinder is great too) one these are smashed up in then put this chunky blend in an air tight mason jar(s) and cover in Olive Oil for storage and use as and when.

Serving Suggestion: 1 TSP to the meal daily.

If I end up with allot more than I anticipated I portion them Ice cube trays and freeze for long term storage.

They do pack some nutritonal points below too, please not this won’t be 100% accurate for your dog as they’re individual ability to utilise these nutrients will differ.

See Info Source Here

If you have these seeds but don’t have the need for their deworming benefits then dehydrate them for yourself and you have a nutritonal snack 🙂


Disclaimer: Not 100% effective, I’d use in combination with others such as Organic ACV and Garlic. You can do a wormcount as a piece of mind, if you notice worms present contact your nearest Homeopathic Veterinarian. Grapefruit Seed Extract has been used by many successfully to kill worms /lavae present.

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