What Table Scraps Should Be Avoided This Christmas!

We all know our little slobber chops get spoilt at Christmas! Christmas also excites me because it’s usually the biggest day for fresh foods for our dogs! Many owners that feed dry foods will give their dogs a Christmas Dinner, to help include them in family festivities!

But are there any foods they shouldn’t be given that usually are?

Most definitely! Here’s a list:

Stuffing (contains bread and onions, both a big no for dogs, some even contain herbs and fruits that can be detrimental to some dogs on an individual basis, rosemary for epileptic dogs for example)

Gravy (Gravy is usually too rich in sodium, sometimes onions, and the rendered fat content can be detrimental to some dogs on an individual basis to, dogs that have acute pancreatitis for example)

Left Over Bones (Cooked bones should never be given to dogs, far too brittle and are a choking hazard, what you can do is save them and make a much loved and needed bone broth!)

Sausages/Pigs In Blankets/Devils On Horseback (Sausages usually contain breadcrumbs, Herbs, Onions and preservatives/additives )

(The above are definitely ones to avoid regardless of the individual dog, the below are simply advisory from my own professional guidance)

Mashed Potatoes (This one only applies to all dogs within my own method of feeding, potatoes aren’t species appropriate, the starch can also be detrimental with dogs that have candida for example) This includes Sweet Potato although, many fresh food professionals recommend it.

Yorkshire Puddings (Again not species appropriate and could be detrimental to dogs on an individual basis, Wheat allergies for example)

Green Beans (Legumes have Lectin/Phytic Acid properties which act as Anti-Nutrients)

Any Deserts (Deserts are a luxury for us humans and most should be limited, but they definitely have no place in a dogs diet, No Mince Pies, No Christmas Pudding and most definitely no Egg Nog ,Sorry America)

Condiments (Sauces such as Mint, Cranberry and Apple, although they seem healthy , they aren’t when it comes to dogs, extremely high in sugar)

Now what can we give them?

Any Cooked /Raw Meats/Offals (Other than gammon, too rich in sodium)

Skin/Fats (This may be advised against for some on an individual basis depending on a medical factor such as pancreatitis)

Brussel Sprouts (Yes don’t worry if the kids slip the dogs these when your not looking, they’re brilliant for dogs)

Cabbage (Cabbage is a great thing to implement to a dogs diet, any varity of!)

Carrots (Carrots are great for some dogs, not all again depending on individual factors such as yeast issues )

Parsnips (Just the same as carrots, not suitable for all)

Broccoli (Broccoli is one of the best Cruciforous Vegetable you could Incorporate, I highly recommend it)

Spinach (Again , I’d highly recommend adding this in to your dogs diet)

Garlic (That’s stuffed in the bird, I’d always offer a clove or two, maybe as little as half a clove if you have a chihuahua, if you have a Japanese breed, avoid)

So here we have it a basic lists of what to and not to give to a dog around the table this Christmas! I genuinely hope this helps but should be common sense to most! 🙂

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