Is the future of the Pet Food Industry in question?

Now thanks to a recent poll from “Vets Now”, as they conducted a survey via a poll on their social media platform , Facebook specifically. Which had (Not the most up-to-date stats) 71% of voters stating they feed a raw diet to their pets. Here is the link: which you can cast your vote too.

A blog was published today by them also, which wasn’t tied into this survey as they obviously wanted to remain impartial on the poll, however the blog they published is this one: , Now with such a URL link, it does come across as being “Anti” raw food for pets. However, It does touch on the risks of raw feeding and rightly so such as risks of blockages/piercings caused by bones and bacteria risk elements which are rightly mentioned as it is a factor you have to consider!

However the blog refers to the IVC Group (Independent Veterinary Care Group)-Vets Now’s Parent Company), CVJ /CVMA (Canadian Veterinary Journal/Canadian Veterinary Medical Association) and the JAVMA (Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association) Now all of these are known to be “Anti” fresh foods when it comes to pets. The blog refers to these sources when quoting “Negatives” about raw feeding.

It does also give reference to the BARF model in a way of showing a neutral stand point and even mentioning the pioneer of the BARF model, Dr Ian Billinghurst, but it quickly moves on to state “But most mainstream vets disagree and believe that the risks outweigh the benefits? I’d just like to clarify that by “Mainstream Vets” it refers to large corporations that focus on profits not welfare and typically funded, taught or owned by the likes of Mars,Colgate-Palmolive and Nestle. These companies are the ones making the dry foods? Go figure! No wonder “Mainstream Vets” disagree.

This is why i absolutely love their own poll stats, which suggest a high % of their client base feeds raw/fresh foods to their pets, they are going to have to readjust their ethos to cater this and educate vets further by way of seminars and with any luck they’ll be led by the likes of the legendary Dr Nick Thompson the Holistic Vet or Dr Conor Brady of Dogs First Ireland! If your interesting in attending their seminars, click here:, You don’t have to be a Veterinary professional to attend! I’d just like to point out i have no affiliation with any of the above!

Social media is the big reason why the pet food market is shifting! Many pet owners are connected in one place, sharing stories etc … Now with many benefits and success stories of fresh foods being fed and the increased awareness of recalls etc within the pet food industry, it’s not difficult to see why the market is shifting! This is down to YOU the owner, taking more care and being self aware in respect of what you feed your pets and being proactive with their health, The white coat effect is slowly disappearing! Congratulations!! In another 20 years there will be more fresh food feeders unless the powers that be make it illegal!

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Michael K A Bennett- BCCSDip.HthNut

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