Lockdowns and Fresh Food Sourcing..

Hey guys , I hope you’re all well! I’ve not done any blog pieces what so ever since January as i’ve been preoccupied with my 9-5 (I Work in a Motor Claims Department for Hastings Direct) and getting the ability to work from home which i’ve now done so now i have 3 hours extra by not commuting each day i can get back to writing about what i love, Dogs and Food!! 🙂

How are you all finding the Lockdown? Has this diverted some of you back to dry foods? with all this unnecessary panic buying? If it has, what brands did you pick and why? This Covid-19 “Epidemic” has opened allot of eyes and changed the minds of allot of individuals as it really does put things into perspective!

Now i cant speak for the whole of the UK’s ability to source fresh food for dogs but from what I’ve seen allot of manufacturers and stockists are still operating as usual, but minimised their working hours etc and running by delivery’s only. One company that is handling this really well (No affiliation, nor do they know i’m mentioning their efforts) Is “Stefs Pet Pantry” They are still delivering UK wide as far as i’m aware, i apologise profusely if im incorrect but you can double check by emailing them : info@stefspetpantry.com and a member of their team will undoubtedly do their best to help you, The only reason why i mention them is because I’ve only ever placed ONE order previously, yet they make sure i’m kept up-to-date with their operations during this pandemic via email!

Now that being said, Who has been struggling with all of this when it comes to obtaining fresh foods? I’d love to hear your experience of it all! It breaks my heart to say that i don’t have any direct experience myself as i no longer have any dogs to care for 😦 (Most of you reading will already know why) I miss my dogs dearly and if i had a magic wand i’d reverse the last 2 years (If i could keep my daughter mind, i’ll never wish to change that).

Now for most of you that know , i’ve been suffering with writers block, i don’t know what topics to cover as i don’t like to imitate and various friends/colleagues within the industry cover a vast amount of subjects! So please if you can share any inspiration by asking questions to help my highlight any knowledge gaps within those that actually read what i write!

I’ll sit here patiently awaiting some inspiration from you all…

Remember we will all get through this together!

Edit 09/05/2020: Since doing this I’ve obtain a discount code from Stefs Pet Pantry so for 10% off, enter #MB10 at the checkout

Stay Safe and Stay at Home! – Michael K A Bennett- BCCSDip.HthNut

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