Fruits and Vegetables for dogs…

These are examples of fruits/vegetables that I don’t advocate pre consult! Post consult, who knows! Cucumber, Bell Peppers and Tomatoes are very beneficial for some dogs!

I’ve touched on this before but I keep seeing many people sharing false information about dogs and their ability to digest fruits and vegetables so I thought I’d share this again.

I used to hand this out in my workshops which may be of some relevance to you and it can shed light on this topic!

Now the above document is my personal risk factor built in on a generic basis, post consult this can and usually does change for the individual dog once I know them more!

The bottom line is, dogs can digest plant matter , some more so than others but that depends on their lineage! Are the reasons why some dogs should have their fruit and vegetable intake monitored? Absolutely , I say all do, I’d recommend 10% of the diet being made up of plant matter on a generic basis! This is purely to provide a nutritonal boost that could be lacking in the Meat, Bone and Offal.(Non-Muscle based Secreting Organs) .

Why do people have this misconception that dogs don’t need Fruits/Vegetables?

This stems from various amounts of inaccurate hearsay or misinterpreted information, canines don’t have buccal amylase in their saliva to break down plant matter , therefore it’s left down to the intestine/pancreas, as stage one of digestion isn’t available to dogs, it’s helpful if we replicate that by chopping and lightly streaming (or soak in boiling water) this equates to the vegetables/fruits being chewed and broken down by saliva. Dogs have also been documented to consume the stomach contents of prey, which also contains plant matter that’s already gone through a stage one digestion process!

Now I’d like to reiterate I have a strict guidance for fruits/vegetables I recommend generically but it doesn’t mean your dog can’t have other fruits / vegetables there are many benefiting Fruits/Vegetables that I won’t recommend until I’ve ran through a consultation, this is purely for liability purposes as I’m insured to do what I do!

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