Pre-Made Raw Meals- 80/10/10 Doesn’t mean Complete!

Finally some brands are awakening to real Canine Nutrition, getting away from the common 80/10/10 ratio meals, which is amazing as no body knows where this golden ratio came from but it’s not always ideal for every dog and life stage and must be tweaked, so it’s causing allot of confusion from consumers when the likes of Trading Standards/DEFRA make manufacturers label such meals as “Complete” as they aren’t typically, there are some that are but they have been created by specialists and nutritionally adeqate for daily consumption either using a blend of whole foods or adding in a syntetic pre mix to make up for any short comings.

Sticking by a strict 80/10/10 diet even with varied proteins, you’ll find it’s nutritonally inadequate , it would suit a specific category of dogs but many other dogs would fall through the net, which is why the ratio must be tweaked for the individual. All strict 80/10/10 meals must be fed as part of a balanced diet regardless of them being labelled as “Complete”, Thats paramount to maintaining whole health for your dog!

If you find an 80/10/10 meal that also consists or fruits, vegetables, herbs and seeds (Including oils of) then these are usually closer to being nutritionally adequate (Although be it, they dont aways consist of species appropriate plant matter in my opinion) or even be truly balanced. If you notice they have additives in there (Usually the words you can’t pronounce) then it will be balanced.

Even if the meals are intended for daily consumption with no deviation, then remember all premade meals are usually balanced in batches not for each individual product (500g/1kg typically), so your still balancing over time if you stick with the same brand/product!

I’m really happy some brands are creating products and stepping away from the 80/10/10 and creating meals that are nutritionally adquate and working with the FEDIAF but still advocate variation where possible!

I’m even happier that some brands are aware of bioavailability (The ability to be digested by the consumer) because the likes of the FEDIAF recommend nutrients, not foods so as long as they hit the minimum nutritional profile in the batch, they are approved for sale, however it doesn’t always mean the meal is 100% bioavailable by the consumer if they dont use bioavailable ingredients, therefore on paper its balanced and approved for sale, but in reality by consumption, it’s a different story!

It’s really important to read labels and just because it’s fresh food, it doesn’t mean you should get complacent , challange everything you read, pick up the phone to the manufacturer and ask questions, if they have “Nutritionist/Veterinary Approved or Forumulated” ask which Nutritionist/Vet did this and do your research, don’t be affraid to ask questions! Transparancy is key and if you don’t get it, swerve them!

This short blog piece was inspired by Catherine Griffiths a Pet Industry Nutriton Consultant after seeing her post on facebook yesterday, about her assistance in creating some epic meals for Naked Dog, I have no affilation currently but by all means i wouldn’t reject it if the opportunity arrisen , i’m simply giving credit where it’s due! Catherine has helped formulate 9 meals and this is one of them picured below, stepping away from the typical 80/10/10 you see , however i believe 3 of the meals are 80/10/10!

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