A Short Review of “The Complete Book of CAT & DOG HEALTH”

from Dr Lise Hansen DVM MRCVS published by Hubble and Hattie

First of all i must confess, i was a little sceptical about this book as i do find a lot of Vets are very Conventional in their approach which doesn’t gel with my Holistic Methods, my initial thoughts were “Oh here we go, another one” However,  I can confidently say i’m not eating humble pie because this book knocked my socks off! I’m wholeheartedly impressed by this book. I’d heard of Lise from various others across my own research into Canine Health but I didn’t realise she’s actually a Homeopath when it comes to her Veterinary Practice! 

Although the main reason I’d recommend this book to every Cat and Dog owner is because it covers every aspect you can think of and provides information in such a manor that it doesn’t lean in one way or another and nothing written is biased context given her own methods of practice, it lays out facts/figures in relation to various every day topics such as flea and worming protocols and provides paths for owners to go down whether Pharmaceutical or Natural (Homepathy/Naturapathy) but the information is there for them to make an informed decision and THIS is what owners need!

I personally love Dr Lise Hansens mindset and I have since connected to her via social media to personally give my appraisal of this book.  In my professional opinion every dog breeder needs this book, it’s so crucial for them to read , I’m well educated and self researched into Canine Health and Nutrition but even i’ve learnt new things from this book especially when it comes to Cognitive Socialisation and Development of Puppies/Kittens!  

What i’ve found refreshing about Lise’s book is that she explains how every Dog/Cat is unique and explains how to care for them throughout their whole life! She also touches on how Vets cannot stick to the textbooks and when they do, they will come up short because textbooks are just guides to which Vets can use to develop their own knowledge through practice (Experience) which broadens their mind and abilities to practice, the textbooks will not help in every case that walks through their doors.

She also notes similar struggles as myself when people ask her (Students/Clients in her case) generic/vague questions on certain topics because she doesn’t know how to answer without knowing everything about the individual, Generic questions get generic answers and the results of which can differ astronomically!

Where does Dr Lise Hansen fit in MY top 5 global Vet faves?

  1. Dr Nick Thompson (Holistic Vet Ltd/  Senior Vice President of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society)  ENGLAND
  2. Dr Jean Dodds (Hemopet)  USA
  3. Dr Lise Hansen (Alternative Vet In London) ENGLAND
  4. Dr Ian Billinghurst (Dr Ian Billinghurst) AUSTRALIA
  5. Dr Brendan Clarke (Towerwood Vets/ President of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society) ENGLAND

That’s right Dr Lise Hansen has made it to my number 3, my list is set this way because these are World Renowned Vets, but they ALL have one great thing in common, not their Veterinary Skills or Approaches to Practising, but they have all been extremely approachable to myself when i’ve reached out, Now these are busy people but they found the time to have a chat with little old me! #Epic

I really wish I could divulge the contents of this book with you but I cannot perform such an injustice to the publishers or the author, I can only recommend you purchase this book!

You can see a snippet here(PDF):

RRP: £19.99  (Personally i think it should be more, but there you go, GRAB A BARGAIN!)


Should you have any queries about this book please contact Veloces on : 01305 260 068, You may need to quote the ISBN :978-1-787114-15-9

This book has been officially reviewed by the likes of Andrew Prentis (Foreword), Jonathan Self and Catherine O’Driscoll and parts of which have been included in the book itself! 

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