Canine Chakras

The ever so empowering Lotus Flower

The Chakra System

The chakra system is a complex network of seven spinning, energy vortexes which run throughout the entire body. Universal energy flows in and out of the chakras, along the meridian system, into the aura and then finally into the physical body. Every human and animal has them. There is no exception when it comes to the canine. 

 The energy flows in two ways; inward and outward. Therefore, every thought, action and emotion affects the chakras and is mirrored into the aura. Likewise, external stimuli, both positive and negative, have an effect on the chakras and leave their mark in the aura (including physical injuries) a bit like leaving a coffee stain on a mat. For those unfamiliar with the chakra system, imagine the energy body as being like a car engine and the physical body is the actual vehicle which the engine drives it is not difficult to see that when the car starts to perform less effectively or even breaks down, then the engine will need repairing or re-tuning and not the car bodywork. It’s the same with the subtle energy body. When we heal or re-charge/realign the chakras- they start to get back to spinning in harmony at the correct rate, the physical body then will start running smoothly once again bringing back health, wellness and vitality. 

Root chakra

This grounded redness of the Root Chakra in a dog is where the tail meets the body. Its function means ‘survival’. Things like finding food, water, shelter and warm all stem from this chakra.  As energy flows in both directions, the root draws energy up from the earth and back creating a flowing energy of stability, grounding, support and survival instincts in a dog (whether domestic or wild). Empowering stability and encouraging groundedness. Any physical problems will manifest here such as lower skeletal pain, adrenal issues, tiredness, not being entirely focused on something when in training if not observed and dealt with. 

Sacral chakra

The second chakra is a warming orange colour and is located between the tail and the lower middle of the back or by the rump of the body. The purpose of the sacral chakra is to correspond with issues of sexuality, female/male sexual organs and the emotional body. It energises, in feelings of nurturing, maternal instincts, sense of others. Being content. It can be out of balance if negative issues arise with spaying or castration problems, bowls, lower back pain as well as fertility problems. If an animal is over emotional (aggressive,suffers a severe trauma or is highly sensitive to touch) has boundary issues, has difficulty in establishing the difference between work and play time. Resentment, anger or low self esteem, jealousy, loneliness, separation or loss can store up here if it is not healed or looked at. 

Solar Plexus

The third chakra, the solar plexus, is a bright sunflower yellow. Its location is placed in the middle of the back. This is where the canine has personal power or has a sense of ‘self’. Using their animal ‘instincts’. It is the action chakra when in its power the dogs ‘fight’ or flight instincts will kick in. Here digesting healthy emotions and freedom of spirit is key. Does the dog have a sense of purpose within its ‘family’ unit? Is ii being used appropriately? Are your canine’s characteristics being effectively used? Here is the energy chakra of the body’s powerhouse built within it is pride and ego. The chakra when fully empowered encourages power and enthusiasm and centers around the middle of the body, digestive center, stomach, small & large intestine, spleen, liver which helps filter toxins from the body and stores vital nutrients and vitamins. If the liver is overwhelmed, issues like pancreatitis, liver complaints, ulcers, stomach tumors can start forming, emotional issues such as ‘cannot stomach something’ due to something in the dogs life is/has become traumatic for them can reach a peak. 

Heart chakra

This chakra colour is green or a friendly pink. It is located at the front of the chest or breast area. This chakra connects to relationships raising feelings of compassion, harmony, balance, sharing and caring qualities in a canine. It is the sacred meeting place where the energies from the first three bottom chakras leading up from the root and the higher three chakras all congregate into the heart center. Its role acts as a halfway house for universal love, happiness and friendship to thrive and meet. If this chakra is blocked then the chest, heart, sternum, lungs, diaphragm then symptoms such as allergies, asthma, respiratory problems and fatigue start to emerge linking in with emotional issues such as feeling unloved, emotional, physical or mental abuse connecting to grief or rejection. 

Throat chakra

This chakra is located on the physical throat area over the vocal cords. This sky blue ‘communication sound centre’ deals with expression from a dog either with their voice or how they would express themselves on an energetic level. This energy chakra discusses communication, expression through thought, feelings and language. We know  it links into throat but the neck and shoulders are also involved. Animals need a voice this is important to know especially through abuse is happening and it is being denied. Collars can also have a major impact causing trauma to necks and parts of the spine i.e if there is a lot of pulling and yanking and use of ill-fitting leads, collars, harness’s etc… 

Third eye chakra

This wonderful ‘hugh’ of indigo lays just below the ears and is seated between the eyes. All living creatures have this highly developed center of energy. Here it connects to the pineal gland, deals with the general acceptance of the self, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, ears; head in general, higher mental & spiritual self. It radiates wisdom and intuition and in animals vibrates on a higher, finer vibration than humans. When in its power the energy will be ready to use via telepathic inner vision. Always wondered why your dog sits at the window or door greeting you when you come in? You can bet he would have picked up your thought processes between 10-30 minutes before you arrive home! I have seen this telepathic event happen with my own eyes. Healing and working with this chakra balances out the right and left hemispheres of the brain. If the energy is low or ‘off’ the mind becomes tired, mental exhaustion or depression can seep in. Other issues such as coordination problems, balance, neurological problems can arise if not caught in time. 

Crown chakra

This top chakra located at the top of the head can be either a colour of violet, gold or white. The energy here can be felt above the head with healing and sensitive hands. The energy here connects to a trio of personality, soul and the higher self, to the canine from universal source. It connects to spirit and it also bridges the personality and soul of a dog with its higher self knowledge. The pineal gland is located here which secretes melatonin, a hormone that affects their moods that may swing and cause disturbed sleep cycles. Have you a dog that may sleep all day then gets the ‘zoomies’ or is energetic at  3am? Not good for your beauty sleep right?! Tweaking of a good diet can be key here, a rhythm of a good routine as well as some healing sessions.

So there we have it, a small breakdown of what each chakra is and its meaning to how they work and what physical and mental attributes they have to connect to an any canine. 

If you would like to know more about my healing expertise with dogs then please feel free to contact me at www.facebook/judedickinson-Animalhealer – MAO or email

© Jude Dickinson-MHAO

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