The Dangers of Human Medications administered to Dogs without Vet Approval

You’d this this would be self explanatory/common sense but unfortunately it’s not for many, I’m forever seeing people recommending human over the counter medications for their dogs or ointments such as Piriton/Benadryl and Sudocrem when it comes to “Aiding” presumed environmental allergy symptoms.

The above mentioned medications are common among many humans but that doesn’t mean it’s automatically safe for your dog, the recommended doses are based on humans, not canids.

The confusion lies between conventional Vets recommending such things for the individual dog in THEIR care under THEIR practices insurance as per THEIR Veterinary Advice, but some dog owners out their with good intentions i will add, are recommending such things just because THEIR Vet recommended it for THEIR individual dog, Doing this kind of thing online can be fatal to other dogs when sharing this, so please refrain from doing it and most definitely don’t be swapping medications with others, Prescribed or not!

Here is a list of how dogs can react if given a medication that they shouldn’t!

  • Vomiting
  • Drooling or excessive salivation
  • Weakness
  • Lack of coordination
  • Tremors
  • Disorientation
  • Frequent urination
  • Excessive thirst
  • Agitation
  • Irregular heartbeat (very rapid or too slow)
  • Low blood pressure
  • Pale mucous membranes
  • Lethargy
  • Depressed breathing
  • Seizures
  • Stupor and coma

You’ll notice this list goes from minor to severe and it doesn’t mean to say it’s either or symptom, as their in multiples when dogs get poisoned, Is that 50p -£2 over the counter medication worth the astronomical vet bill should things go wrong?

Please don’t be naive to think “It’s ok I’ve got insurance” , let me run through a scenario which is possible although it will sound like an exaggeration!

You get some Benadryl from the local supermarket and give some to your dog under the guidance from Karen off Facebook, You thank Karen off Facebook and share a photo of your dog taking this Benadryl tablet, 30 mins later ,your dog starts to become disorientated and pant excessively, so you panic and rush them down to your local Vet, When you arrive , you tell the Vet the dog ate them out of your bag when you wasn’t looking (Inside you know they’ll shout if you tell them you gave it to them by following Karen’s advice) Usually if this is your registered Vet, they already have your insurance policy details on file and submits their notification of claim to them, when the blood panel comes back and shows such medications in their system, your Vet will forward these over too in the paperwork to your insurance company, so they can carry out their indemnity checks, Part of this process is that insurance companies check social media and yes, they will see Karen off Facebook telling you what to do and your thumbs up photo after giving this to your dog. Now in this case your claim will be repudiated and your policy cancelled. Your social media accounts doesn’t always mean private if it comes to fraud prevention, should you be found guilty of this you risk yourself being added to the CIFAS (Certified International Financial Accounting Specialist) register , which is an Anti-Fraud database this will mean ANY future insurance policies will be harder to obtain, it can effect you getting certain jobs, especially in the finance sector or it can even make you lose your job depending on what it is, Civil Servant, Law Enforcer, Finance Adviser etc…

So yes as ridiculous and far fetched as the above seems it is possible, so is it really worth not double checking with your Vet before you blindly follow Karens advice? Please if you find yourself in this position, just be honest and upfront with the Vet, they wont submit a claim as they know your insurance will not cover it and they may help you by letting you pay in instalments!

The popular question: So what can you give them to help with environmental allergies, such as grass? The Answer: Simply anything your Vet recommends, if you’re not happy with that recommendation, go to another Vet, only a Vet can replaces a Vet’s advice! Tip: Go Holistic, You’ll be in better hands, swerve conventional practice, typically large chains as allergies take time and understanding, the conventional conveyor belt style practice with no in-depth consults wont help you are your dog!

You can help ease and sooth any itching to the skin cause by allergies by applying something like Leucillin, which is a Veterinary grade antiseptic spray! (No affiliation, just a recommendation which is also advocated by many Veterinarians/Registered Veterinary Nurses such as Rachel Bean who also runs Canine First Aid Workshops)

It’s important to pin point down any allergies, dietary or environmental before medicating, you want to remove the source before trying to medicate a prognosis! So by sitting down with a Holistic Canine Health and Nutrition Consultant such as myself will be able to in much safer hands, although we cannot act as a Vet can or diagnose like a Vet can, we can liaise with your Vets to help them build a clearer picture and offer our prognosis as to whats going on and provide our written assessments, to which they can base their tests , once results are back we can help you understand the Jargon and put plans of action in to place and keeping your Vet updated 100% of the way which will hopefully improve the whole health of your dogs!

If you would like a consult with myself, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Don’t forget to subscribe below, £5 PCM until you cancel! Let me know if you have i’ll send over a free copy of the Canine Nutrition Digital Workshop Handouts via email. (£15 These are sold for)

Or if you dog has got allergies/intolerance’s and you want to know more about how you can help them, click HERE

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