About Me

Hey I’m Mike, I have been studying Canine Nutrition and Holistic Health for some time now and I’m far from an expert in my opinion although others do find me insightful and knowledgeable. I do however hold a diploma in Canine Health and Nutrition Via the British College of Canine Studies (level 3- Pass) i also have Diploma in Canine Holistic Health & Therapy(Distinction) via the Centre of Excellence and i am the middle of completing a Diploma in Veterinary Assistance, to which i will use to get Voluntary work in a Veterinary practice which i hope will then lead into me being able to get onto a Bachelor’s for Veterinary Nursing (BSc Veterinary Nursing), then on to a Master’s in Veterinary Sciences(MVetSc), So as you can see this i something i don’t take lightly, although my road is long but i will get there but please DO NOT be fooled by anyone’s credentials, check their feedback from others and see if anyone has heard of them, Do your research before parting with cash! Oh and I have recently membered to the Complimentary Medical Association.

The reason for this as that with me currently being at the highest level for a “Non University Degree” in Canine Health and Nutrition (Level 3), It’s still insufficient for me to spread my wings to my full potential, I am unable to “Formulate” meals/Diet plans (Therapeutic) myself, unless signed off by a Vet who can vouch for me. So hold my Bone and feel free to follow me on my journey!

So what can i do?

  • I can give generic guidance, with disclaimers
  • I can run consultations to enable me to understand the individual dog and have the ability to give generic guidance on a tailored basis for an owner to follow, an educated insight which is better than them “Winging It” or following Generic Guidance (Now this isn’t Formulation, Formulation requires balancing meals to hit figures set by the FEDIAF or equivalent)
  • I can give examples of a “Balanced Meal” for a generic dog (Hypothetical) to give an insight to readers. (This is something i don’t do, as i believe it’s frivolous, Balancing over time is the goal)
  • I can work with Vets , Behaviourists/Trainers to help build a thorough picture as to whats going on with the individual
  • I can run workshops, showing owners how to shop smarted and explain the advantages of fresh foods
  • I can formulate meals under Veterinary Supervision/Approval. (I don’t offer this service at present, it’s time consuming and doesn’t pay well enough at my level)
  • I can give examples of Natural Remedies/Preventatives– With Disclaimers
  • Refer on to professionals to assist, should the issue fall out of my remit (Which i often do)

I am also fully insured via AXA in respect of public liability/professional indemnity (Soon to be changing Insurer), I am also Member of the Complimentary Medical Association as a Practitioner as I do try to maintain a Holistic approach where ever possible and advocate fresh foods for dogs , I am also running workshops in Eastbourne, UK based on helping owners shop healthier within the pet food industry and highlight the benefits of fresh foods.

I have two Facebook pages which are as follows: www.facebook.com/mkabcaninenutrition and www.facebook.com/mkab.cnworkshop

I am also a freelance article writer for the Healthful Dog Magazine from time to time. Subscribe Here: https://go.epublish4me.com/public?subId=8524

I have appeared in Issues 5 and 6 , viewable via: https://go.epublish4me.com/public/issues

If you would like access to my Canine Nutrition Workshop page, then please purchase below!

Canine Nutrition Workshop Handout Material

This is all the material handed out and discussed in my Canine Nutrition Workshops. Fill in the form below if you'd like to know more about it... 🙂


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