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Rating: 1 out of 5.

It’s my passion to challenge shoddy practices within the Pre-made Raw Food world, weather that’s Manufacturers or Retailers, I challenge reputable brands when people bring me their concerns , i also do my best to bring down the cowboy set ups!

The fresh food niche has been taken advantage of by few , who are creating crappy products which are harmful if fed long term!

This passion started when i helped set up a manufacturer, a stockist that kept on getting ripped off by manufacturers and wasn’t happy with the 20-30% mark up they were making so they wanted to start their own! This is where i gave 6 months + voluntary time in helping them with various meal plans, HACCP (including pest control etc) , this was in return for 5p for every meal made as a thank you for my help.

Now the set up and getting their interim DEFRA licence was done 100% and professional as i was assisting, however once they obtained this licence, they quickly shown their true colours! My guidance was quickly ignored and i wasn’t going to be benefiting from this at all and therefore i walked away, in comparison, i helped build a race horse and they wanted to sell donkeys!

See this document on my experience, this is anonymous and gives no identification to who this is about for legal reasons but this will give an insight to my passion of bringing cowboys down!

If you have had any negative experience, anything at all in respect of the products such as quality of meats, leaky packaging, insufficient labelling etc.. please let me know by completing the below form. You can fill this in anonymously however, If you can at least provide an email so i can contact you further for any photo examples etc, that would be awesome! #EvidenceOfClaims

Dog’s don’t have a choice on what goes in the bowl, That’s down to you!

Michael K A Bennett

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